We carry out research in order to provide solutions.

Control, testing and effective response: we provide comprehensive technical support.

The know-how and in-depth knowledge of the material being handled allows us to offer more efficient ways of meeting professional challenges At Almetac, our experience, sophisticated laboratories and our essential innovative vocation allow us to offer you top-class quality in our products and the guarantee of a satisfactory service.

But what makes us really unique is our ability to provide an effective response to any problem: detecting the source of any labelling incidents with a rapid turnaround time, thanks to our unique testing processes, and to offer a specific and appropriate solution to each of these incidents. Our team is the most thorough, diligent and experienced team in the sector. A team that carries out research to offer you comprehensive technical support, the peace of mind that your business needs.


labels analysed at our laboratory 

Unique testing procedures.

If each customer is unique, each problem and each solution is too.

Our testing process has been designed exclusively to detect problems in labelling, including the evaluation of both the paper and its behaviour in different performance factors.

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We develop unique, tailored solutions that are fully suitable to each need. And this goes hand in hand with a swift, flexible and efficient service.