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Glues for recyclable PET

Large bottlers face the strategic challenge of becoming more sustainable and recyclable. In Europe since the introduction of the new EU Directive 2019/904 one of the areas of work is to ensure that PET containers are 100% recyclable.

At Almetac we have for years developed both cold and hot melt adhesives that ensure that bottles can be returned, washed and recycled.

These adhesives require specific application conditions (speed, temperature, adhesion, elasticity) and washing. Within the recycling process, the first phase is washing.  In this phase the adhesive has to be dispersed, not dissolved in the caustic soda bath, so that the PET can be recovered without traces of adhesive. In this way, after the PET grinding and extraction process, the PET does not lose its properties and color.

The ultimate goal is to maximize the use of recycled product in the manufacturing system.


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