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New training success at Heineken Sevilla

Last November 6, the technical director of Almetac, Jesús Callejón, moved to the Heineken plant in Seville to give a new training course to line managers, maintenance managers, machinists and packaging managers.

The course is part of Almetac's commitment to its customers that goes beyond providing a good product-service. A commercial proposal that responds to the need of our customers to have the most trained staff possible.

The aim of these courses is to expand the framework of knowledge and increase the ability to solve problems when they occur. This edition dealt with interesting topics such as the fundamentals and main variables of the labelling machine, the fundamental properties of the labelling glue or the characteristics of the paper and its production process.

Our clients assure that thanks to these trainings they achieve, on the one hand, higher levels of productive efficiency and costs, and on the other hand, to optimize results and provide them with peace of mind.

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